Bathim & Co in a few words

Experience, discretion and pro-activity are the keywords of Bathim & Co. This company has rapidly established itself in the real estate sector. This very dynamic company has over thirty years of experience in commercial and residential real estate.

Bathim & Co holds a privileged position amongst the most well-known real estate brokers. We can more accurately describe it as a « private banker of real estate assets » which answers the specific needs of the most demanding clients. The company offers a professional approach based on personalized advice.

Bathim & CoCo’s special, personal strategy opens up new opportunities for its clients and offers a real source of added value.

The Bathim & Co. agency

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Bathim & Co.

108 Boulevard Brand Whitlock - 1200 Brussels
+32 2 733 00 00
+32 2 734 78 51


VAT: BE 451 443 938
IBAN: BE20 4376 2040 4156

Chartered Real Estate Agents

Ludovic Thienpont - IPI 505.122

Alexander Claes - IPI 505.197

Laurent Vercauteren - IPI 510.837

Jérôme Devigné - IPI 506.707

Bruno Stas de Richelle - IPI 511.063